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Match 1 ends with 22-25 - Branson School Varsity girls falling behind Justin Siena. #VarsityVolleyball #BransonSchool
But they tie it up right out of the gate. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ #Varsity #Athletics
By the second time out @Branson_Bulls holds onto the lead with 17-10. 🏐
First time out of Game 1 leaving Branson ahead 14-9 🏐 #bransonbruins #volleyball #highschoolvolleyball
Match 3 belongs to Justin Siena as they make match point. 🏐
Branson Bruins back to a 1 point trail of 22-23. 🏐 #BransonBruins #VarsityVolleyball #BransonSchool
And the third time out @Branson_Bulls brings it back but still falls short with 21-23.
Justin siena starts off match 5 strong, leaving it 3-6 at the first time out. #bransonbulls
Cheer on the Branson Bulls, Varsity Volleyball team this evening at 5:15pm and follow our…
Second time out has Justin Siena in the lead with 22 and Branson 19. 🏐 #Bransonbruins #varsityvolleyball #hssports
Third time out, Branson School came out on top with 21-19. 🏐 #VarsityVolleyball #BransonSchool
The Healdsburg Bulldogs are suited for October, are you? #breastcancerawareness…
Third time out of match 5 leaves a score of 9-12 @JustinSiena in the lead.🏐
Second time out of match 2, @Branson_Bulls leads the game 22-20 🏐. #bransonbulls #volleyball #Varsity
Not as many breaks this game, first time out with a score of 15-17 leaving @Branson_Bulls behind. 🏐 #BrandonSchool #hsvolleyball
Second time out for Branson High School Varsity Volleyball -- leaving a close score, Branson Varsity girls trailing 17-18. 🏐 #BransonSchool
Game ends with the total score coming to 1-1 as @Branson_Bulls wins match 2 with 25-23. 🏐 #bransonbulls #volleyball #Varsity #Athletics
Justin siena makes a slight come back but it's not enough to take the lead. Branson is still ahead 18-14. 🏐 #volleyball
They're out again and suspense builds with @Branson_Bulls 22 and @JustinSiena 24. 🏐 #volleyball
Terra Linda High School Varsity Football gears up as they get ready to play a great game…

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