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4 minutes left in the game and redwood pushes to keep the lead getting to 54 points leaving San Rafael still at 32
2 minutes into the last quarter leaves Redwood in the lead by 48 with San Rafael trailing at 32 #MarinHoops #RedwoodGiants #SanRafael ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€
3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter as the Redwood Giants Varsity Girls lead 32-18. #MarinHoops
2 back to back 3 pointers by #5
Last second, #31 redwood defends one last time to keep q3 to 19-26. Q3 points were 11-7, showing redwood ready to fight for the win
Time out 2:22 left. 40-34 with Branson in the lead! #BransonBulldogs #Bransonschool
Last minute foul turns to ball over to Branson who finishes the game 26-41
4 minutes left in second quarter 19-11 @RedwoodSports leads the game. #MarinHoops ๐Ÿ€
End of 1st quarter at the @RedwoodSports Varsity Girl's game, score is 6 Bulldogs to 13 Giants. #MarinHoops #RedwoodGuants #Bulldogs ๐Ÿ€
The Redwood Varsity Girls came out on top this evening with a 58 - 35 pt lead against the Sanโ€ฆ
46-37 final, Branson takes the W!
#2 redwood swats two Branson shots to defend comeback helped by 3pt shot and free throws.
18-17 Branson School #BransonBulls
Tonight's game turned into a victory for the Branson Bulls against the @rhsgiants. With a lastโ€ฆ
Branson's offense showing discipline but redwood showing aggression, 8-17 Branson
Redwoods 1st half was sloppy on offense & defense, getting them a 0 in the 1st qtr. Will need to show discipline to pull ahead of Branson
Half time hits and the score is 11-28 as San Rafael Bulldogs are unable to make a point. #MarinHoops #SanRafaelBulldogs #RedwoodGiants
10-8 Branson School is in the lead. #BransonBulls
42-37 Time out 1:26 left in the game
Branson's 1st half was measured & controlled. Redwood handily to an 11pt lead. Will need to maintain pace for a good showing in half 2

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